Pastamania. My Pasta Recipes

di Lapo Tardelli
Collana A modo mio
Isbn 9791280254467


With this book I wish to introduce you to the world of pasta, both dry and fresh; a true Italian culinary delight renown worldwide. I want to tell you about all of Italy, from North to South, illustrating all the typical dishes of our tradition, from the best known ones to the lesser known, which however are even more interesting and linked to the territory.

All the recipes are very personal and, except in a few cases, are the result of choices dictated by my own taste and preferences. I suggest all readers take my directions as indications and personalise their own recipes, thus enjoying their own culinary creation.

In the final part of the book I wanted to introduce you to my experience with Giulio in the world of wine. It’s the story of our winery and our encounter and cooperation with the elderly growers who allowed us to participate in a magnificent wine making adventure.